Is Marriage Counseling Effective?

Is your marriage is on the rocks? Marriage counseling could be just what you need to help you regain the happiness you both once shared when you first fell in love. In fact, it may well turn out to be the solution you are looking for to prevent a costly and devastating divorce that can wreck havoc not only your life but affect that of your children as well.

This is one of the most important questions that people have about marriage counseling. Research studies done by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists revealed that 98 percent of the respondents got couples therapy that was classified as “good” or “excellent.” Another 97 percent reported that they were helped through couples therapy. Majority of those surveyed also said that they are now more able to deal with their problems after working with marriage therapists.

While counselors use different techniques when working with couples, one of the more effective therapies they utilized that have a high rate of success in helping clients suffering from marital discord is Emotionally Focused Therapy. This is a form of therapy that allows partners to work on their emotional response to the different interactions they have with each other. When they understand that these responses may set the stage for their disagreements and are at the heart of their fights, they can strive to respond in positive ways that would foster a healthier and more positive relationship.

The efficacy of marriage counseling will also depend on the length of time the couple has had the problem before they seek help.

The earlier intervention is sought, the better the chances that therapy will allow them to develop new communication skills that will help them rebuild their relationship and start anew. The longer they wait before seeking therapy, the lesser the chances that it will help because one or both parties may have already given up on the marriage.

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