Is Marijuana Addictive?

Published on September 28th, 2018

Updated on January 3rd, 2024

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Marijuana is a drug that is becoming more socially accepted in current generations. Many people think that marijuana is harmless, and is not a drug that a person can become addicted to. Despite this belief, becoming addicted to marijuana is possible. It is also possible for a marijuana user to suffer from symptoms of withdrawal.

A person may suffer from either marijuana dependence or marijuana addiction. Marijuana dependence refers to an increased tolerance for continued use. A person with marijuana dependence will need more marijuana to get high. They can also suffer from symptoms of withdrawal.

Marijuana addiction refers to the irrational need to use that follows dependency. People who are addicted to marijuana will prioritize seeking and using marijuana. Marijuana use will be a priority over other life responsibilities and activities.

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A person who is suffering from the consequences of use may be treated for marijuana use disorder. The condition will be based on a scale of mild to severe. The severity of the diagnosis will depend on the prevalence of the user’s symptoms.

Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Symptoms of marijuana addiction are similar to other types of addiction. They will reflect bodily sensations, difficulties with managing emotions, and addictive behaviors. Addictive behaviors will be based on seeking marijuana in order to alleviate symptoms.

Symptoms of marijuana addiction include:

It is possible to go through withdrawal when stopping the use of marijuana. Withdrawal symptoms can last between one week and one month.

Withdrawal symptoms from prolonged marijuana use include:

Marijuana Addiction

Causes and Risk Factors of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is caused by the user’s circumstances. Each person who suffers from marijuana addiction has causes and risk factors that contribute to the onset of the disorder. These causes and risk factors increase the likelihood of suffering from addiction.

Common causes and risk factors that may result in marijuana addiction include:

A person may also develop addiction in reaction to social pressure. Marijuana is a socially acceptable drug to use. It has been legalized in several states in the United States. Peer pressure and curiosity are major reasons why adolescents and adults start using.

Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Addiction can be challenging to overcome, but not impossible. People who suffer from marijuana use disorder can seek professional help.

Treatment will help a user focus on achieving and maintaining sobriety. It does so by teaching healthy coping skills that can be applied to real-life situations.

There are different modalities of treatment for marijuana use and addiction. The prescribed modality will depend on the user’s unique circumstances. The following will be considered when deciding how to best treat an addict:

Treatment can be administered in different modalities. Treatment modalities for marijuana addiction include:

Treatment for marijuana addiction will be individualized to meet the user’s needs. The user may be recommended to participate in different forms of therapy, like:

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