Why So Angry? It Might Be Depression

Published on April 2nd, 2021

Updated on January 2nd, 2024

Why So Angry? It Might Be Depression

Anger and depression often affect each other. People with a depressed mood can suffer from irritability and a short temper. In moderate to severe cases of depression, it is not uncommon for an affected person to struggle with feelings of anger. These feelings of anger may become acts of rage, along with other behavioral challenges.

Depression can make a person angry. When a person is depressed, that depression affects every area of their lives. It causes them to think in the negative, and struggle to find content in their own day to day life.

Depression can manifest in a person in different ways. Common feelings that come from a depressed mood include:

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Each of these feelings can cause a person to seem too angry or irritable when really they are so overwhelmed by depression that they struggle to show any other kind of emotion. They also struggle to reach out for support or know what kind of support to seek from others. It can be hard to control anger when you are depressed because it is hard to be self-aware when in a state of depression. People who are depressed may not realize the impact their behavior has on others.

Anger Is A Symptom Of Depression

Anger is a common symptom of depression. A depressed person becomes angry in reaction to stress. When they are feeling depressed, their feelings become overwhelming. After a certain point, the easiest and least vulnerable emotion to express is anger.

Depression causes a lot of stress and makes even the simplest of tasks unbearable at times. Through feeling overwhelmed a depressed person will experience irritability. This irritability will often progress quickly into anger and acts of rage.

Depression can lead to anger because it also causes many negative thoughts. With constant negative thoughts, a person with depression will develop a negative attitude. This pattern will result in outbursts, lashing out at others, and acts of rage.

A person who is depressed is often not completely aware of their actions and behaviors or how they affect others. Even when a depressed person is aware of their anger and rage, they still struggle because they do not know how to fix their feelings.

How A Person Is Affected By Anger And Depression

Depression can affect everyone differently. It is not uncommon for people to have times in which their anger takes over, and times when they simply feel depressed, or even feel emotionally balanced.

Depression can come in waves. People with depression will have some good days, but mostly bad days. Just because a person has one good day does not mean they are doing better, and one bad day does not mean that they are not trying.

Depression is a challenging condition to manage, and even the most skilled at controlling their anger will struggle at times. A major challenge people with depression and anger face is being misunderstood by the people around them. Their anger and depression affect their relationships. Because it can be so challenging to control, it can cause others to distance themselves from the angry and depressed person in their lives.

Managing depression is a skill that requires time and commitment to professional help. Nobody can just “get over” depression. Depression is not just a state of mind. It is a clinical disorder that affects the mind and body. It is not something that can be turned on and off, and it is not something that people can just get over on command.

Why Depression Causes Anger

Depression is an overwhelming condition. When a person is depressed they feel consumed by negative and painful thoughts and feelings. Each day is a struggle to feel healthy and well. Because depression causes so many painful feelings, anger can be used as a method to cope. Anger is considered a secondary emotion. It is used by people who are depressed to cope with more painful feelings.

When a person with depression feels overwhelmed, they will use anger to express and expel their depressed feelings. They use anger to manage stress and anxiety, and in the moment, the anger can cause temporary feelings of relief. Even though people who are depressed know their anger is not good for them, they struggle to not default to it in the moment. Without proper treatment for depression, a person with anger and depression will struggle to understand how to cope with their condition.

If you think a friend or loved one may be struggling with anger and depression it is okay to express your concern for them. Be a source of support for them, but also encourage them to seek professional help for recovery. Consulting with their primary doctor or a mental health professional are two options you can offer a loved one who is depressed.

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