Dr. Jennifer T Young

Dr. Jennifer T Young

Licensed Psychologist (LP)

Long Beach, California

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Personal Statement

One of my mentors taught me that we all do the best we can with what we have. Too often there is a stigma about going to counseling or therapy and people are discouraged because they don’t want to be viewed (or view themselves) as deficient. This stigma exists all over the globe. Instead of judging people for getting help, I commend them for being confident enough to recognize their needs and do what is necessary to meet them.

My work with each client, couple, and family is tailored to what is needed at the time. For some, therapy will feel more directive and goal oriented. For others, it may feel evolutionary, exploratory, and emotion focused. However, all clients will have the same experience in working toward clearly defining a goal (unless you have one in mind already), increasing awareness of current circumstances, and taking the steps necessary to reach the goal.

The foundation of the integrative framework with which I approach therapy is largely influenced by humanistic and existential models of therapy and systems theory. No individual or system is identical to each other, and as such, all contexts in your environment/systems are considered in our work together. The structure of therapy can differ from person to person so that for some, therapy can be brief and focused, while for others, therapy can be ongoing. Naturally, how we work together will be openly discussed and decided according to what is most appropriate for your therapy goals.

Therapy services are available for individuals, couples, and families. Therapy is LGBTQ affirmative, sex positive, and intercultural issues are considered. Individual sessions are typically 50 minutes; 80 minute sessions are available for couples and families. I also have experience in providing therapy in Mandarin.

In addition to providing therapy, I have also worked abroad in India, Mexico, and South Korea serving as a adjunct instructor, clinical supervisor, program coordinator, and therapist.


License Name License State Year
Licensed Psychologist (LP) Psy 24664 California 2011