What Is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is a kind of psychotherapy that aims to enable couples to understand the problems affecting their relationship and find ways to resolve these. Also known as couples therapy, marriage counseling is typically carried out by marriage and family therapists in the course of a few months at regular scheduled sessions. By providing a neutral ground by which married couples can openly express their thoughts about the relationship without fear of being judged, therapy opens the lines of communication between husband and wife that have been closed due to misunderstanding or fear of another heated argument.

Many couples who decide to undergo counseling do so with the hope of rebuilding their relationship and in many cases—as we will show below—this goal has been achieved.

However, there are times when couples who have already made up their minds that separation is the only solution to the problems afflicting their relationship still go to marriage counseling. In these cases, the reason is not really to get back together (although it could happen) but to make the separation as amicable as possible and to preserve the respect between both parties. Doing so is important especially if there are kids involved.

Marriage counselors are trained to facilitate the discussion between couples in each session. When arguments get heated, they direct the discussion back to the heart of the issue. More importantly, they remain neutral even if they believe that one spouse is right and the other is blatantly wrong.

Marriage counseling sessions typically take place once a week, usually for a period of three months on the average. However, couples can opt to arrange for more sessions until they feel that they have already improved their relationship.

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