How Much Does Marriage Counseling Usually Cost?

Even if couples know that they need counseling to get their relationship back on track, one of the concerns that may deter them from doing so is the fact that they don’t know how much counseling costs or if their insurance covers it.

For starters, the average cost of marriage therapy runs anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour. The qualifications of the therapist will factor greatly on the rate, with those holding a doctoral degree often charging more than those who hold a master’s degree. If the therapist you chose charges a rate of $100 per hour and recommends a therapy schedule of one session every week, you will pay $400 for a month-long session. If the course of treatment is three months then you’ll have to be ready to fork out $1,200 for treatment.

Marriage counseling may be covered by insurance but some couples choose not to charge it. This is because in order for your health insurance to cover the cost of therapy, you or your spouse must be diagnosed with a psychological disorder. This can have serious implications since a mental disorder will be placed in you or your spouse’s medical record which can be opened in case of a background check. In professions that require these kinds of data to be disclosed, it could mean the loss of a job for you or your spouse.

Aside from guaranteeing their confidentiality, another reason why couples choose to pay for their counseling sessions out-of-pocket is that it does not limit their choice of providers. They can work with the therapist that they are comfortable with and won’t have to be confined to in-network providers.

That being said, if mental illness is indeed the cause of your marriage problems then charging your therapy to insurance will definitely lessen the overall cost. It will also allow you to finish the course of therapy since insurance can take care of several sessions.

After the coverage ends and you still need to continue treatment, you can then shoulder the cost yourself.

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