How Do You Know If You Are Depressed?

We all have bad days or times we are down in the dumps. We all feel sad sometimes. But for many people (1 in 10 actually) they may be suffering from clinical depression and not even know it. You may be thinking, “If I don’t know I am depressed, why would I want to find out?” For one thing, depression can become more severe over time, if not treated. So while you may be experiencing mild symptoms of depression now, the chance of those symptoms worsening in the future are great. On the other hand, many people throw around the term “depression” or say “I’m so depressed” without giving it much thought. Maybe you are experiencing what you think is depression, but in actuality, you are just struggling with bouts of sadness, and do not truly meet the criteria to be diagnosed with depression. The point is, like any mental illness, depression is a serious disease, and warrants appropriate treatment. The stigma around mental health is prevalent and it is important for the general public (and not just mental health professionals) to be educated about mental health problems and what to look out for.

So, how do you know if you are depressed, or just having a difficult time? Educating yourself on the symptoms of depression is the most straightforward approach. It is important to note that depression affects everyone differently and there are a wide range of symptoms that can occur.

Symptoms of Clinical Depression

If after reading the above listed symptoms, you feel you may be depressed, your next question might be why? Although there is no one concrete cause for depression, there are many contributing factors that play a part in why someone may develop depression at some point in their life.

What Causes Depression?

If you think you might be depressed, contact a mental health professional. Depression is treatable, and getting help can help intervene on what could otherwise turn into a debilitating disease.

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