Jenna Jarrold

I am a Chicago native who came to Arizona to study at University of Arizona where I completed a Bachelor's degree in Communications. I went on to earn a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Phoenix. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor, Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) and will soon be certified as an EMDR therapist. I found my passion for the helping profession through my experiences working at an early academic program for minority and low-income teens through the University of Arizona and assisting with adoptions of children removed from their homes by Child Protective Services. I have worked at a treatment center for eating disorders since 2011. I work daily with individuals, families, and couples, and conduct group counseling. I am particularly intrigued by family work as so much of who we are is formed in childhood. I advocate for my clients’ well being, in whatever capacity that means, and am extremely open and honest with my clients. Someone once told me that people's wounds often create the most beautiful parts of who they will become, and that has become a core belief of mine as a therapist. Experience in: Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa EDNOS Binge-Eating Disorder Depression Anxiety Gender Identity Disorder Substance Abuse Dissociative Disorders Stress Management Healthy Coping Skills Training CBT/DBT

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