An Example Of Stress

John is a computer programmer at a large hospital in the city. Usually, he is able to handle all his responsibilities and make his deadlines on time. A recent merger of his department with another department has left him with new bosses, a number of new projects and tasks, and additional employees that he must now supervise. John has been coming in early and leaving very late in an attempt to manage everything.

By the time he gets home, he is irritable and exhausted. He argues with his wife and is quick-tempered when dealing with his children.

He feels extremely drained, overwhelmed, and “burnt-out.”

John is concerned about how his stress at work is affecting his life at home and wonders how much longer he can keep up with the demands at work.

You’ve probably been in a similar stressful situation at some point in your life. Stress is something that everyone experiences at different levels everyday of our lives. It is a physical and psychological reaction to the demands and situations in life that helps us deal with these challenges. These events are called stressors and can be just about anything that happens in life.

Stressors can result in either “bad” or “good” stress.

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