Ways You Can Practice Self-Care

Published on March 1st, 2021

Updated on January 3rd, 2024

Ways You Can Practice Self-Care

Practicing healthy methods of self-care is an important part of staying mentally and physically healthy. When we don’t practice self-care, we make ourselves at increased risk of burning. Burnout can lead to other consequences. Among the many consequences that you may experience from burnout include:

Being sure to dedicate time to self-care will help prevent burnout. It will also keep you strong, healthy, and able to handle life challenges.

As important as it is, it can be challenging to maintain at times. Life can get the best of us, and cause us to lose consistency in self-care practices sometimes. Despite the challenge, if you are able to establish and maintain a routine of regular self-care exercises, you will feel better and more ready to face life’s challenges and obstacles.

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There are different ways you can practice self-care. Taking care of your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social health are all great ways to incorporate self-care into your lifestyle. Considering the following methods of self-care to keep yourself healthy.

Young Man Learning Guitar

Learn Something New

Learning something new can help with your mental health. The intellectual challenge of learning something new can be exciting. Challenging your brain to learn new things helps to exercise the brain, and when you are interested in the new thing you are learning you will feel stimulated and excited.

When we learn new things, we get a sense of boosted confidence. We feel a sense of self-pride in learning this new information. This is especially the case when you are learning something new just because it interests you. Learning something new just for the sake of learning helps you to stay engaged without pressure to perform. It also allows you to put down and pick up the interest at your leisure.

Friends Having Fun With Camera

Spend Time With Friends

Spending time with friends is an important part of self-care. Time with friends promotes social health and wellness. It prevents isolation and loneliness and can give you a break from the stressors in your daily routine.

Sometimes spending time with friends in person can be challenging. The stressors of life can get in the way of meeting face to face. Fortunately, there are other avenues of spending time with friends. A daily or weekly phone call to a friend can help close the gap between opportunities to meet in person. You can also get creative with methods of internet time. Internet video conferencing or online gaming can be helpful strategies for times when you cannot meet with your friends in person.

Setting A Dinner Table

Enjoy A Nice Meal

A big part of self-care is taking care of your physical health. It can be easy at times to rush through meals or eat meals that are not good for you for the sake of convenience. While this is a habit that you may develop without even realizing it, it is one that can take away from your quality of self-care. When developing your self-care routine, consider committing to being present during mealtime. Choose meals that make you feel good, and that you can enjoy without being interrupted by work, school, family, or other stressors in your day.

It is also okay to indulge in the occasional eating adventure. Whether that means eating at a restaurant or eating food that may not be nutritious, it is okay to indulge in meals that break your normal meal routine occasionally.

Man And Woman Relaxing With Dog


Laughing is an easy and powerful method of promoting self-care in your life. Laughing allows you to release stress and enjoy a good time, whether with yourself or with others. Commit to laughing at least once a day. If you can commit to laughing on a daily basis, you will find your mood and emotional wellness quickly lifted.

Some options you can use to find a good laugh include:

Woman Meditating On Beach


Practicing meditation exercises is a great way of taking care of your spiritual health. Spiritual self-care does not have to require practicing a religion or believing in God. It is about exploring your own spirit and soul. It is also about allowing yourself to be in tune with your own true self and your emotions. Meditation can be a great method of achieving spiritual mental health because it allows you to check in on yourself on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Meditation can also help to improve sleep and rest. Meditation allows the brain time to relax. It allows the brain to wind down after a long day. Practicing meditation helps to minimize stress and anxiety, which can allow for a more restful sleep and a clear mind during times of stress.

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